Blocked arteries are caused by plaque build-up in the inner walls of the arteries. This condition is known as Atherosclerosis. The clogging of arteries obstructs the blood flow in the body. When the oxygen-rich blood fails to reach vital organs like heart or brain it can cause heart attacks and stroke.

This could be fatal. So, when one is diagnosed with blocked arteries, it is necessary to take steps to avoid the worsening of the situation. 

As far as the question of how long can you live with the condition, there is no straight answer. There are multiple ways in which plaque build-up can be fatal. 

  • Too much plaque build-up can cut off blood supply completely.
  • A plaque from sticking to the artery wall can rupture and end up blocking the artery completely. 

So, it is not possible to predict how long can you live with blocked arteries. However, there are some habits that can speed up the plaque formation, thereby reducing your life-span. It is essential to know what these risk factors are. Steering clear of these might help you to keep plaque at bay.

Risk factors that can reduce how long you can live with clogged arteries:

Age: The plaque takes years to get formed inside the arteries. So, the older you are the higher the risk you have. It is seen that the men are at risk of getting Atherosclerosis when they are 45 and above, whereas for women it is 55 and above. As we grow older the system gets weaker and loses its ability to fight back.

Family History: If your parents have had heart diseases, there are higher chances of you getting it as well. Your risk increases considerably if they had heart diseases at an early age. You have to be particularly alert if your brother or father had it before they were 55 or if your sister or mother had it before 65.

High blood pressure: If you are diagnosed with clogged arteries, it is important that you keep your blood pressure under check. High blood pressure causes hardening of the arteries which makes it narrow. 

High cholesterol levels: The plaque build-up is caused by the excess cholesterol which gets stuck to the arteries. So, having high cholesterol levels increased the change of plaque formation. There can be two reasons for having high blood cholesterol levels. One is having more LDL which is known as bad cholesterol, while other is if you have less of HDL (good cholesterol).

Smoking: Smoking is proven to increase the plaque build-up in the arteries. It reduces the amount of LDL while preventing the absorption of HDL. 

Obesity or overweight: Too much weight makes the body react differently to cholesterol. It dramatically increases the risk of blocked arteries as being obese comes with increased blood pressure. 

 High stress: Our mental health is directly tied to our physical health. Stress can have a negative impact on heart health and arteries. Coupled with anxiety it can cause blood pressure and other complications.

Unhealthy diet: The major reason for the high number of diagnoses for clogged arteries is an unhealthy diet. Eating processed food and foods rich in trans fat and saturated fats increases the cholesterol levels in our body while providing no nutrients. Having fast foods and packed foods frequently increase the risk of clogged arteries.

Being physically inactive: An unhealthy diet with a sedentary lifestyle is decreasing the average life expectancy across the world. On the other hand, exercising has been proven to improve heart health.

The more you steer clear of the risk factor in your control the longer you might live. If you at high risk, then the doctor would prescribe surgery. Otherwise, medicine along with heart-healthy food and exercise should help keep your plaque build-up at bay.

If you’re like millions of Americans between 45-65+, chances are, you are taking take a few medications and don’t wish to add another drug. Many have turned to natural, alternative solutions when it’s viable.

Today and since discovered in 1990, a study was done and they found that plaque in Arteries can be removed naturally. It’s a regiment many are turning to for high Cholesterol and plaque buildup. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy that’s helping many to remove plaque buildup in arteries naturally. If offers many alternatives to removing plaque from arteries and it does it without medications.


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