Heart attack and stroke caused by clogged arteries are the highest cause of death across the world. So, people diagnosed with it start looking for ways to remove plaque in arteries. While there are too many questions about this, we will try to answer the most common questions asked in this article.

Can statins remove plaque in arteries?

Many studies have shown that statins might help remove plaque from arteries. They work by blocking an enzyme in the liver that produces cholesterol. This reduces the blood cholesterol levels and thereby preventing further formation of plaque. They keep heart diseases at bay. To remove the plaque, large doses of statins were given for over two years to see these results. However, most medications come with side effects and statins are no exception. Taking statin increased the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. The heavier the dose, the higher your risk.

Does garlic remove plaque from arteries?

There is no concrete proof that garlic is related to heart health. However, garlic does have many medicinal benefits and all of it comes without side effects. There are claims that aged garlic can cure cholesterol, thereby reducing plaque build-up. Supplements are there in the market which provide you with a daily dose of garlic you will need to achieve the results. But then again, there is not much proof of this.

Does exercise remove plaque in arteries?

A sedentary lifestyle is a root cause of obesity and other diseases in this generation. Our body is meant for physical activities. But our 9-5 work hours followed by television for the rest of the day does not give even the fraction of physical movement that our body needs. Regular exercise is known to increase good cholesterol levels, which can in turn control plaque formation. For better results, you have to combine exercise with a healthy diet and stress management. Having at least 5 active days a week with 30 to 45 minutes of cardio can considerably improve your heart health.

The oxidized cholesterol strategy
Removing plaque naturally is what we do.

Can I use vitamins to remove plaque in arteries?

Till now, there are no direct connections established between vitamins and plaque build-up. While vitamins may not be able to remove plaque from arteries, it can help to keep further formations and complications at bay. Vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids, in particular, have known to help in this aspect. It has been found that people with Vitamin C deficiency have a higher rate of death due to cardiovascular disease. Omega 3 fatty acids provide your body with good cholesterol and other nutrients that can help controlling plaque formation.

How to remove plaque build-up in arteries naturally?

remove plaque in arteries

While plaque build-up can be removed naturally, it takes time and drastic lifestyle changes. Major lifestyle changes revolve around food and exercise. Apart from taking heart-healthy foods, you are to cut off certain foods completely from your diet. Physical activity is another key element to improve your heart health. It is also necessary to quit habits like smoking and drinking. Another important factor that people fail to incorporate is stress management which plays a key role in overall health. Read more…

Do medications to remove plaque in arteries?

Once you are diagnosed with clogged arteries, doctors prescribe different types of medications for this condition. There are some claims that these medications can remove plaque in arteries. But more often than not, they only prevent further complications or plaque formation. Most of them work by lower your blood cholesterol levels so that more plaque does not form. However, even those medicines that have been proven to remove plaque-like statins come with lots of side effects. Read more.

Foods that remove plaque in arteries

The foods that we eat define our health. The unhealthier food we put in our system, the more it struggles to keep us healthy. However, when we eat right, foods are medicinal. Our body can reverse many health conditions as long as we give the right fuel. Plaque in the artery is no exception to this rule. The right foods can remove plaque in arteries. Read more

What is Carotid artery disease?

Carotid artery disease is when the plaque build-up is found in the arteries carrying blood to the brain and head. Clogging in those arteries can cause stroke which can be fatal. Coronary artery disease, on the other hand, is the clogging of arteries that carries blood to the heart. This is what causes heart attacks and chest pains.

Can atherosclerosis be reversed?

Atherosclerosis is nothing but the name of the condition of plaque build-up in the arteries. As we have seen above in the other questions, it is reversible. There are various ways in which atherosclerosis can be reversed. What will be appropriate for you will depend on how serious your condition is. For cases of high risk, it could make surgery to avoid an immediate risk heart attack or stroke. In other cases, it can be managed through medications or even through natural ways. Watch the video below.

To fight any health condition we are having, it is essential to first understand it. Click ‘read more’ to gain more knowledge on the questions that you have.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy


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